Carpet tiles Flooring

Carpet Floorings

Very durable, washable, aesthetic flooring solutions made of synthetic materials. In today’s buildings, especially in commercial premises, these products can add a lot of value. Moreover, they add so much of vibrancy to a room with their colours.

Artificial Grass tiles

Artificial Grass Tiles

We can add grass to anywhere you want – outdoor or indoor. It is easy to instal, easy to maintain, and very very durable. The look and feel remain unchanged for years.

Wooden Flooring Solutions

Wooden Flooring Solutions

We all love wooden floors on the terrace, in the bedroom or in the balconies. However, maintaining them, installing them, and finding the best craftsmen could be petrifying, especially if you are living in a humid country and by the sea. Gras-i has introduced some great products that help have a wooden (or wooden looking) flooring so easy.

Please call us for a face to face meeting. We would love to tell you about these products.

Flooring Of Sports Grounds

Flooring Of Sports Grounds

Ultimate test of flooring solutions is in making of the surface in sports grounds, tennis courts and gyms. Gras-i has ventured into this field recently. We are supplying top class floorings from some of the best manufacturers in the world.

These are some very specialised products in this category:

  • Gym Flooring Surfaces
  • Playground Surfaces
  • Sports Surfaces
  • PVC Vinyl flooring Surfaces