Solar Control Window Film

Solar Control Window Film

Energy Saving Window Film can boost the performance of nearly any glazing system, significantly reducing energy consumption and peak demand. Made from tough polyester laminates and bonded coatings, Energy Saving Window Films:

Reduce solar energy heat gain by up to 85%
Block 99% of damaging UV rays
Improve occupant comfort by reducing heat and glare
Low-E (low-emissivity) films improve insulating properties for year round savings
Light pollution Reduction
Protects assets and human from harmful UV rays
Window film can significantly reduce energy consumption.


Safety & Security Films

Made with thick, heavy-duty polyester bonded by strong adhesives, safety and security films provide an optically clear yet powerful barrier that helps hold glass in place should impact occur.

Holds shattered glass in place upon impact
Protects from hazards of flying glass during bomb blasts & explosions.
Provides glass securities in the event of Riots, forced entry & burglary.
Secures Glasses during earthquakes, Cyclones and other natural disasters.


Signal Defence Films

Signal defence films are useful in preventing electronic signals emitting “in the clear” through the windows. They do not allow important information of a shop or an organisation leak out. These are indispensable in today’s hyper-connected world.

Decorative Glass Films

Decorative Glass Films

These films add privacy to private spaces while making a bold design statement. They can replicate the premium look of sandblasted glass, create unique patterns, add colour, or intricate layered designs – all without sacrificing natural light or aesthetics. It’s the perfect balance between function and style, making it ideal for almost any application. From residential to commercial, retail to hospitality, the possibilities are endless.