Roller Blinds - Residential

Amazing glass and PVC screens available with various openness factors for optimization of daylight. Fabrics available in black out, dim out and translucent range to meet the required type of interior.


Roller Blinds - Commercial

In an office environment, especially in a conference hall where presentations are made, depending upon the intensity of the glare, you need to choose slightly different materials for your roller blinds. We have various options to choose from for your office needs.


Chick Blinds

Aesthetics and functionality for modern houses and commercial places created with suspended fabric vanes placed between two sheer fabrics.


Wooden Venetian Blinds

Solid wooden blinds to give an erudite look. They bring a mix of ethnic and cosmopolitan, traditional and modern, or a luxury and minimalistic, looks to the interiors.


Pleated & Honeycomb Blinds

The most sought after collections in the hospitality sector and modern housing, Which meet the needs of changing architectural trends. Fabrics available in sheer, Semi-opaque, blackouts etc.


Woven Wood Blinds

These blinds give a perfect combination of classic and modern approach to window treatments. They come in various earthly colours and finishes. High performance coating treatment makes them fungus & termites resistant.


Faux Wood Blinds

Alternate economical blinds to wood blinds, made from advanced technology, PVC and a composite of man-made materials combined with wood particles. They look like wooden blinds. These are fully washable and  not affected by humidity.


Skylight Blinds

Available in pleated and Honeycomb designs. Generally used in homes with high ceilings or sloped walls creating visual interest. They help insulate homes and lower energy bills. Exclusive window shades operate at any angle vertical, slope or even horizontal.


Aluminium Venetian Blinds

Greater privacy & security, suitable for windows in direct sunlight. Most suited for coastal regions due to the use of aluminium head and bottom rails.


Monsoon Blinds

Exclusive & amazing product line also known as exterior blinds especially used during monsoons, withstands heavy lash of rain water and intense wind pressure without blocking the outside view.


Track Guided Exterior Blinds

These are exclusive exterior blinds, a simpler way to shade, protect and enjoy your outdoor lifestyle. Track guided exterior roller blinds available with UV stabilised clear PVC or high performance solar fabrics.